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Stop Your Dog From Whining

Stop Your Dog From Whining

There are many times when a dog whines. The first reason that you should check for is if they are in pain. If they are that is obviously a serious problem and you should consult a veterinarian. If the whining is chronic and doesn’t seem to be associated with any pain, here are some of the reasons your dog might whine and some ways to potentially solve the problem:

Some reasons
Some of the reasons that your dog may be whining are because they are seeking attention, they have to go to the bathroom, they have unused energy, they’re hungry or if they’re uncomfortable being in a crate, in the cold, etc.

Some solutions

If they are whining because they want attention, then you may secretly be making the problem worse. Never acknowledge a dog that you deem to simply be whining for attention. Although the whining might get annoying for you after a while, not doing anything will help make it stop in the long run.

Another association drill that you can try is only going to the dog when he’s quiet, but with a twist. If you hear him start whining in another room, yell “No” and slam the door closed. If he stays quiet for a sustained period of five seconds or so, go back in and reward the dog with a treat and some pets. Keep repeating this process until the dog gets the concept of what you’re trying to do.

Remember that your dog’s problem may not always be attention-oriented and he may just need something that is more comfortable to stop his whining. Be sure to exhaust your options of what his problem could be before you start training him to stop for a particular reason.